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APPLE Schools

APPLE Schools

Sifton School is a participating school in the APPLE Schools Project, which promotes physical activity and nutritious eating. APPLE stands for Alberta Project Promoting active Living & healthy Eating. The project is overseen by the University of Alberta School of Public Health.

In support of healthy eating, and through the generosity of partners in education, Sifton School provides the following food programs:

  •  E4C partners with the school to provide a daily snack to all students
  • Food for Thought partners with the school to provide a lunch for qualifying students-in-need

 The aim of the APPLE Schools Project is “To make every choice, the healthy choice”.

APPLE Schools – Nutrition Policy

Sifton School has a new Nutrition Policy in support of the APPLE Schools project. Our goal is to promote, serve, and educate about nutritious foods so that we can have a positive effect on the health and academic achievement of our students. We encourage students to pack a nutritious lunch according to the four food groups and to leave pop and candies at home. For special events, please talk to your child’s teacher for suggestions regarding nutritious snacks.