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School Hours

8:22 am            Morning Assembly Bell                                          

8:27 am            Instruction begins

10:15 am          Recess                                               

11:30 am          Kindergarten to Grade 6 lunch dismissal      

12:10 pm          Afternoon Assembly Bell

12:15 pm          Instruction begins

  1:45 pm          Recess

  3:00 pm          Dismissal

Thursday Afternoons has no recess, and dismissal is at 2:15 pm

 The Behaviour & Learning Assistance Programme is the same as above except recess is at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm.

The Pre-Kindergarten Program is a morning and afternoon class from Tuesday to Friday.

AM Classes

8:15 am            Start 

11:25 am           Dismissal 

PM Classes

12:15 pm            Start

3:25 pm              Dismissal